Rodzinne korzenie

Family roots


The Bronicz's family

         The surname of Bronicz is a family name. My ancestors came in the 19th century from the former lands of  Great Poland placed on the territory of contemporary Latvia to Vilani  spot. Hence, on the 13th of October 1883 y. was born my grandfather  Edward Bronicz, the eighth  child in the family. My grandgrandfather Józef Bronicz  was the chief  forest officer in Count Potocki's forests, his mother Zuzanna Grejszl  was a  native Latvian. Edward Bronicz in the years 1908-1912 served in  Czar's  Army in the representative company. I was always  under impression about  how many of crowned heads must have he seen in those times, how many kings and princes must he have given an honour! After completing his soldier duty he worked in Putilovski's Works in St. Petersburg.

Fot.1 Group photography from Putilovski's Works. Edward Bronicz is fifth in second line from left side.

       After outbreak of Bolshevik's Revolution in 1917, fearing of his life,  he decided to go to Poland. Being a high expert  in turbine matters, he worked in the 20tiesand 30ties years of  the last century in many  factories and electric power stations  all over Poland. Finally,  he settled himself in Chodakow, where he was employed in  Chodakow Factory Of  Yarn And  Synthetic  Materials S.A My father Alfred Bronicz followed his father's  traces . After completing Warsaw Politechnic  School he worked more than 40 years in  Chodakow Plant Of Chemical Fibre's Chemitex's  in Sochaczew.

       My mother graduated from Medical Academy in Warsaw / The Dentist Faculty/. After completing her studies she worked in Health Centre in Chodakow.



The Ostaszewski's family   

        The name Ostaszewski like name Bronicz is my family name. My grandgranddad Jan Ostaszewski, bearing at those times  prefix  Ostoja married his wife Zofia Zyro /native French woman, whose grandparents and parents settled near Warsaw after Napoleon campaign./  Jan and Zofia Ostaszewski  had five sons: Jozef,Ignacy , Marceli, Antoni and Wladyslaw as well as a daughter Michalina.  


Fot.2 Photography made by Karoli & Push in Warsaw.

       My grandfather Jozef Ostaszewski  took for his wife Antonina Grudzinska, coming from a typical  townsman's family, possessing several shops in Warsaw. From my family tales I know that Antonina Grudzinska's father, Jozef Grudzinski had a shoe workshop and her mother Maria Grudzinska/ from Bernatowicz family/ ran a flower shop. My grandmother Antonina ran  a grocer's shop in the district of Warsaw Ochota, in Hungarian street. I remember her  tales  like she  got to work some candidates. She used to invite them to dinner  and she watched  them eating. If they had their dinner with pleasure, helping to different meals , she took them to work without hesitation. If not, she refused them  employing, saying an old Polish proverb: one is eager to eat, one is eager to work. Antonina and Jozef Osatszewski had two children: Aleksy and  Maria. Maria got married Alfred Bronicz and Aleksy took Krystyna Czlapa for his wife.