O mnie

About me


My name is Waldemar Bronicz. I am an alumnus of the Fryderyk Chopin High School in Sochaczew / year 1977/. I am also an undergraduate of High School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw / year 1981/. Now the school is called The Main School of Business in Warsaw.

My ancestors come from different sides of Europe. My family roots reach Poland, France, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine and Hungary. Such an international mixture… I would like my Internet page, besides the information about my executed profession, that is book-keeping services / I have the Certificate of Finance Ministry/, become the Broniczs family page as well as the Ostaszewskis family one.

I kindly invite all those who bear the above mentioned names, as well as those who know someone who is named by such a name, to type someones’ data in The Guests’ Book. Maybe, it is possible to create the Internet gallery of people by the name of Bronicz and Ostaszewski.

On the other hand, I kindly invite all admirers of old photography, all madcaps and collectors to exchange information. 

My kind regards,

Waldemar Bronicz